For more than 25 years our mission has been to provide wise counsel through biblical truths that help strengthen relationships and, in turn, give glory, honor and praise to God. If your marriage or family relationship needs to be strengthened, please take advantage of our online resources, books and podcasts or attend one of our coaching seminars.

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Invite Gary and Barb to speak to your group.

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Be encouraged with insights and articles from the Rosbergs.

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How Is your marriage doing?

Take the first step to a healthy and happy marriage with the Rosberg Marital Assessment Program (RMAP) and learn growth opportunities that will make your relationship stronger.

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Family 101 - Back to the Basics will help you learn how to "one another, each other". The Rosbergs take eight key principles from the 44 one another verses of the New Testament and teach you how to live them out in daily life.

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America’s Family Coaches has played an instrumental role in our marriage. Not only through their events and books, the encouragement we receive as Marriage Champions, or the radio programs—but also the continual encouragement and example Gary & Barb set in the way they minister to marriages every moment of every day through how they live. My bride and I are humbled to be able to receive the touch of God’s hand through their faithful ministry.
— Arlin Sorenson