08.08.15 - Ruth Harbor, Mark McDougal

If you’re a woman, chances are you have different 2 types of friends in your life. One type, the Drainers, is especially hard to deal with. On Today’s show we’re going to coach on how on how to deal with the Drainers and look for the Replenishers! 

The last half of our program today highlights a great Des Moines organization, Ruth Harbor. Ruth Harbor is a crisis pregnancy home for young women. Since 2001, young women have gone to Ruth Harbor to continue their pregnancy, receive support in decision-making, and experience positive life change. And we love their attitude towards these women facing unexpected pregnancies…”What brings a woman to Ruth Harbor is of little consequence – who she is when she leaves is the focus.” Join us for this great interview with Executive Director of Ruth Harbor, Mark McDougal.

For more information, visit: www.ruthharbor.com