04.11.15 - "The Unbreakable Boy" with Scott LeRette

Today’s guest is author of the amazing book, The Unbreakable Boy, Scott LeRette. His story, which includes his entire family, but focuses on his son, Austin, is amazing and inspiring. Austin has a rare brittle bone disease and is autistic. How do you parent this special needs boy who is active, joyful, and in so many ways, like any other teenager? Let’s find out! But Scott’s story isn’t just about Austin. It’s a heartfelt and inspirational memoir capturing his son’s joyful embrace of life – taking readers on a journey of love, fatherhood failure, addiction, and faith. The story isn’t always pretty, but neither is life. This story will make you think, cry, hurt, and love.

For more info, visit www.UnbreakableBoy.com