When the One You Love Isn't Your Husband


Tonight, the Rosbergs are helping a listener who had an affair and now wants to reconcile her marriage. The only problem is, she's still in love with the man she had an affair with. They also hear from a man on how his affair impacts his life years later. Talk about regret! 

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Iowa State Men's Basketball Coach, Steve Prohm


We're so excited to share our interview with Iowa State Men's Basketball Coach, Steve Prohm. And we get to talk about more than just basketball! We'll also be taking your relationship questions. If you have a question you'd like us to answer, you can ask it HERE.


The book Gary referenced during our last segment tonight was "Temptations Men Face" by Tom Eisenman. And you can get your copy of Gary’s book, "Guard Your Heart" by clicking HERE.

Image by Max Goldberg

WHO Radio: Date Night Event with Dan and Anne Berry

Gary and Barb with Dan and Anne Berry

Gary and Barb are presenting at only one Date Night Event in Des Moines this year! On today’s show, we're visiting with the hosts of this event, Pastor Dan and Anne Berry of Cornerstone Family Church. You won’t want to miss out! You’ll laugh and learn how to better connect with your spouse in all areas of marriage. To find out more and to register, CLICK HERE.

WHO Radio: Celebrating July 4th with America's Heroes


Today’s guests are all heroes and will make you look at your 4th of July celebration in a whole new way. Listen as we introduce you to to 2 soldiers, one wounded in the line of duty, a military chaplain, and the wife of a wounded soldier. They will inspire you just as they have inspired us!

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WHO Radio: The Robert D. and Billie Ray Center with Scott Raecker


Formerly Character Counts in Iowa, The Robert D. and Billie Ray Center at Drake University is dedicated to improving and developing ethical leaders throughout the world. Today, we're talking with the Director, Scott Raecker! We'll also take an email question from one of our single listeners who wonders if "Mrs. Right" really exists.

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WHO Radio: The Family Leadership Summit 2016


The 5th annual Family Leadership Summit – featuring Anne Graham Lotz, T.C. Stallings, Dr. Del Tackett, and more – will be held right here, in Des Moines, July 9th. Gary and Barb will be teaching a breakout session at the event. This summit is designed to equip, inspire, and encourage believers toward personal revival and working to ignite a sweeping, culture-wide revival in America and the world. Today, Gary interviews the Summit’s organizer, Bob Vander Plaats.

For more information, visit TheFamilyLeadershipSummit.org.

Freedom for Youth and Ask the Rosbergs


If you love coffee and you love helping kids...today's show is for you! There's a new coffee shop coming to Des Moines and we believe the purpose will inspire you! Our guest today is Executive Director of Freedom for Youth, Mark Nelson, and this is the organization behind this new endeavor. For more information, CLICK HERE. Today the Rosbergs will also answer some of your marriage and relationship emails.

How to Help When a Loved One's Marriage is Falling Apart


You've probably faced the heartbreak of helping a loved one through deep marriage issues, separation, and divorce. It can be hard to know what to do, who to help, and how! Today Dr. Gary and Barb are coaching your emails about how to help your loved ones and how to protect your marriage.

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