Our mission is to HONOR and strengthen Iowa’s first responder and military marriages by providing relevant coaching, encouraging the development of community with one another, and rallying the support of the citizens of Iowa.


If you are an Iowa first responder or military couple and want to join our community, let us know! We'll keep you in the loop with information regarding future events, webinars, and social media connection. Email to get started.


They guard our freedom and our families.
Let's help Them guard Their marriages.

As Iowans, we’re fortunate to wake up every day knowing we have dedicated first responders and military personnel ready to act on our behalf. They serve to protect our homes and properties. They’re first on the scene to treat us in emergencies. And many risk their lives defending our freedoms. But the daily pressures and risk they encounter can be an emotional roller coaster that may lead to acute stress, depression, anxiety and marital problems. It’s time to give back to those who’ve given so much to us.

Due to increased tragedies both locally and nationally, we've launched our Iowa First Responder and Military Marriage initiative to coach our heroes closest to home. Throughout the years, with our Honoring America's Heroes program, we’ve seen a similar need rise up in the marriages of the First Responders’ community (police, firefighters, EMS, dispatchers and volunteers) as we have with military couples.


In the fall of 2017, Barb and I conducted our inaugural Marriage Getaway for these heroic couples to equip, encourage and coach them in their marriages. We partnered with corporations, churches, families and fellow citizens to show our appreciation and offer the support these brave men and women deserve. The event was recorded for distribution to attendees as well as additional public service couples. The Getaway included a full day of marriage coaching by Dr. Gary and Barb Rosberg, an overnight stay, entertainment by comedian Kenn Kington, outstanding meals, resources to strengthen their marriages, and gifts from community sponsors.

And we're poised to do it all again and host our second Impact Iowa 24-hour getaway in September 2018. Look for registration information coming soon.

Click the image above, to watch a slideshow of our 2017 September Getaway.

Presenting Sponsor:

"As an organization, we hold family values in the highest regard, and that’s why we live by our motto: At Fareway, you’re family. This certainly extends to our first responders and military heroes, and their families, who make the sacrifice daily to protect us and secure our freedom. Fareway is proud to contribute to supporting our public service members, including sponsoring Impact Iowa."




Kristi and I first learned about Gary and Barb in 2010 during the time I (Jason) was deployed to Afghanistan. Gary and Barb’s countless weekends of service to spouses left behind, as well as families upon redeployment were critical in re-establishing our marriage. Gary and Barb have continued to minister to and assist military families across the country and not once have they ever asked what’s in it for them, or used the military as a convenient photo op. As such, they have earned our faith and trust. Kristi and I are proud to call Gary and Barb both mentors and friends. Willful attendance at this event will without a doubt give you and your spouse the framework and tools you need to help your marriage not only endure, but thrive – in spite of the unique challenges that we face in our respective career fields.
— Jason and Kristi Edwards

Jenn and I are very excited to get the opportunity to learn how God’s word can help us in our marriage.  A marriage involving one or more first responders has its own unique challenges often not experienced by those outside of military, law enforcement, fire, EMS and 911 dispatch services. Having a time and place dedicated to helping us learn what God has in store for us is amazing!  Thank you AFC!
— Police Captain & Dispatch Supervisor Mike Colby and wife Jennifer

We are excited to join other couples who understand the unique challenges of being a first responder as we work to strengthen our marriage.
— Jim and Kelli Kirkman, Firefighter