Ryan Fisher

U.S. Army
Sisters, Oregon


Ryan Fisher grew up on a family farm in Oregon. He was a member of the wrestling team and participated in multiple school activities. During his junior year of high school, he woke up to his mom watching the news, and he witnessed the second plane hit the World Trade Center. This stirred him to look seriously at the military as an option post-school. 

He was accepted to West Point Military Academy and graduated in 2007 as a commissioned officer. He then finally got the opportunity to join Infantry branch. In the fall of 2009, he completed a 12 month tour in Baghdad, Iraq. His favorite component of this deployment (and every deployment thereafter) was working at the tactical level with his platoon, Iraqi Police and other Army units. 

Also, during his mid-tour leave from Iraq, he met his future bride, Kristianna. They were married July 4th, 2010. 


In September 2010, Ryan attended the SFAS (Special Forces Assessment and Selection) where he was selected. He then went on to complete the Army’s Special Forces course in 2013 out of Ft. Bragg, NC. He was immediately assigned 5th Special Forces Group at Ft. Campbell, KY. Preceding and succeeding the rigorous training schedule, Fisher deployed two more times to Iraq in January of 2014 and 2016 as Detachment Commander of his 12-man teams.

The Fishers transitioned out of the Army this past December, and now make their home in Sisters, Oregon. Together they have two children: Troy, almost 4 years old, and Linnea (li-NAY-ah) 19 months. Recently, Ryan joined the Oregon Air National Guard out of Klamath Falls, Oregon and will continue to serve in a part time capacity. 

Ryan has lost friends in uniform and known fellow brothers who have been wounded as a result of war. He is, and forever will be, deeply impacted by those who continue to press on and fight the good fight--despite the wounds their hearts and bodies bear.