Robert White

U.S. Navy

Spokane, Washington


My name is Robert White. I answer to Robert, Bob, Bobby and almost everything except “late for dinner.” I joined the Navy and was put on the U.S.S. Independence during Desert Storm shortly after graduating high school in Spokane Washington back in 1990. In 1993, I was medically retired after an accident on board the ship, where a 500 pound bomb came down on my back, resulting in a hospitalization that changed my military career for life. After a spinal tap, and no record of notes written on my chart, a nurse came directly in and gave me a steroid injection that burnt up my optical nerves. Over the course of 23 years my sight has gone from 12% to now roughly 4% peripheral vision, with zero central sight. I see shadows and shapes at about a foot in front of me and have a guide dog named Neil.

After I left the blind center in Palo Alto, California, I had my hand in many jobs from laboring at an Excavating company, completing Spokane Home builders Association course, starting my own construction company building pole barns, garages, decks etc., to janitorial at the airport. I finally ended up with my massage license and after three back surgeries my wife and I switched roles. She went from a stay-at-home mom to a beauty school student and has done hair for 12 years. God is good!  

I have been married to my wife Katrina for almost 18 years, and I have 3 sons. Drake is 22, Daryn is 17, and Kaden is 14. We have raised our boys here in Spokane, Washington and have found new love for the outdoors and wildlife around us. I fill up my time with a mens’ bible study at our church, am currently involved with some veteran groups like Healing Waters, and Salmon for Soldiers, and I also am mentoring a  Veteran through a local Vet’s court program. I share in just about every task around the house, enjoy good food, the outdoors and our two grandsons, Liam and Zayden. This time away for the two of us will be a first, no fancy honeymoon, trips or much time away from our children at all. We look forward to meeting ya’ll, spending some quality time together and hopefully forming new friendships while strengthening our marriage. I should just say up front we are pleased to be joining this group in Texas as I have been a Cowboys fan my entire football life!