Breaking the Habit of Sexual Addiction


In an age where the opportunity to view sexually explicit material is usually just a click away, guarding your heart from temptation that leads to sin is so very important. We would like to share just a few steps you can take toward breaking the habit of sexual addiction.

  1.  Be honest with yourself and acknowledge you have a problem.
  2. Tell a trustworthy person about your addiction. Then be accountable to that person.
  3. Dispose of all pornographic material you own. Don’t keep any of it.
  4. Internet pornography is an insidious threat. Don’t go there. Buy blocking software.
  5. Be patient, and resist feeling defeated each time you fail. Your addiction took time to develop; it will take time to overcome.
  6. Pray about your problem. Rely on God for deliverance and strength. God promises to make a difference in your life. Allow Him to give you the special strength you need to fight this battle and ultimately have the victory.


Excerpted from Dr. Gary and Barbara Rosberg, The Great Marriage Q&A Book, (Carol Stream, Ill., Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., 2006): 210.