Date Night Challenge Month Three

Men, it's your week to step up and take your wife out! Enjoy this date night with your wife.

Week 3:
This date is for a husband to plan for his wife and helps meet her love need for emotional intimacy and communication.

Favorite Flick
Here’s a nice, quiet evening at home—not expensive, but certainly lots of fun. Purchase or rent your wife’s favorite movie if you don’t own it and surprise her with a date night in. If you need to ask her what her favorite movie is, do that. If she can’t think of a favorite, rent one you know she has been wanting to see—bonus points if it’s a chick flick or one you have no interest in yourself! Pop some popcorn or buy some ice cream to enjoy and cuddle on the couch as you watch the movie. Try to see it through her eyes and ask her thoughts on it afterwards.  

Prep Steps

  • You don’t have to plan way ahead for this one. Be spontaneous. Just make sure your wife knows ahead of time. “Tomorrow night we’re going to have a special night together.” Tell her to think about what her favorite movie is or to think of a “chick flick” she’s been wanting to see (unless you already have a movie in mind and plan to surprise her!).
  • Check out Red Box or Netflix for the movie.
  • Purchase snacks to eat during the movie.
  • If your furniture in the TV room is not great for cuddling, put a blanket and some pillows on the floor and snuggle up together.

Answer these questions together on your date:

  • What do you think is the difference between emotional intimacy and physical intimacy? Which do we share more of? How can I help to meet that need better? 
  • Do I touch you enough? In what ways would you like me to physically show my love for you in public? Holding hands, putting my arm around your waist or shoulders?
  • What issues do we seem to have trouble discussing? Why are these difficult, and what should we do to help us communicate about them?
  • What are some of the most important lessons about life you’ve learned this past year?