Date Night Challenge Month Two

So how did month one go? Did you meet the challenge? If you didn't, you've got another chance this month!

Month 2:
This date is for a wife to plan for her husband and helps meet his love need for encouragement and affirmation.

A “Steak” Out
If your husband is like many men, a favorite meal is a big, juicy steak with all the trimmings. And if your household is like most households, steak is a luxury not consumed very often at home.

So, take your husband on a “steak” out. In other words, make reservations at the best steak house around (or maybe your husband would prefer to eat at a restaurant known for its ribs or seafood or Italian food). The point is, you’re going to splurge on him for this special night out and treat him to the best meal ever. You want to encourage him by saying “I want to lavish you with something that you’ll completely enjoy—something that we don’t do very often!”

Prep Steps

  • Decide the type of meal that will please your husband, or ask him where he would most like to go.
  • Make a reservation and put the date on your calendars. If possible, plan this date for a weeknight when the restaurant is likely to be less busy so you can enjoy a quieter atmosphere.
  • Schedule a babysitter, if needed.
  • Plan to turn off your phones when you go on this date to minimize distractions and focus on your husband.

Answer these questions together on your date:

  • In what areas does my encouragement mean the most to you?
  • Does it ever seem that I’m not giving you my full attention when you’re talking to me? When does that happen? What needs to change?
  • When do you judge yourself the most harshly? How should I respond when that happens? Do I ever judge you harshly? If so, in what situations?
  • Tell your husband five things you find worthy of respect and admiration in his life.

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