A Valentine’s Day Game Plan

In a recent nationwide survey of more than 1,000 people, men were asked how early they prepare for Valentine’s Day. Only one-third of men said they purchase gifts or make arrangements a week or more in advance. On the other end of the spectrum, 30% wait until Valentine's Day or the day before to order or purchase gifts for their sweetheart.[i]

Now, that may seem down to the wire to the women out there, but in another survey, 75% of men said that they do plan ahead for Valentine’s Day, but they may not make the final purchases until the last few days. Many of the men surveyed said they started their detective work early, asking friends and family for good gift ideas. And here’s a little bit of good news for you ladies: Only 10% of those surveyed said they relied on the store clerk or cashier for suggestions.[ii]

So with Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we’ve got a message for you guys: Get prepared! We’re not trying to pick on the men out there, and it may seem unfair, but the fact remains that Valentine’s Day tends to be a holiday geared towards women. In fact, an independent survey by social dating website TeamDating.com found only 4% of men said they feel that Valentine’s Day is even intended for men.[iii]

Ok, so Valentine’s Day is geared towards women – but that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult for the hubbies out there! Ladies: you can help make this Valentine’s Day a more enjoyable one by taking some of the pressure off your husband!

1.  Be clear about your expectations.

Tell your husband what you’d like to do or receive this Valentine’s Day. Save him some guesswork! Plus, being clear about what you like increases the chances he’ll be able to come up with something on his own – that you’ll enjoy – in the future!

2.  Be grateful for his efforts.

Being thankful for what your husband does for you this Valentine’s Day will encourage him. A lack of gratitude leads many husbands to think, “Why bother?”

3.  Give – don’t just receive!

Make Valentine’s Day a two-way street! Learn what your husband likes and enjoys and give it to him this year! Be as creative as you want him to be!

And guys, don’t get discouraged if you worry that you don’t know how to romance your wife this Valentine’s Day. It’s really not that difficult. Romance is simply a matter of learning what lights up her eyes and puts a smile on her face. Chances are the same thing will work time and again. Here are three winning secrets to romance that, when used, will make you your wife’s knight in shining armor. Romance has to be: peppered with love, seasoned with laughter, and topped with something thoughtful and kind.

Most women would say they feel romanced when their husband does anything that shows he cares for her and thinks about her. So you don’t have to necessarily do something elaborate for your wife this Valentine’s Day – just do something that shows her how special she is to you! Here are a few suggestions for you. Most of these take very little time, and yet the dividends can be great!

  • Surprise her with a getaway for the night (or weekend).
  • Leave secret notes in her car or at home.
  •  Fix her favorite meal and include soft music and candles.
  • Do an activity with her that she would love. You might not be crazy about it, but do it because you love her!
  • Take her “to-do” list from her and do it for her!
  • Ask her what romantic things she likes – and then do them.

The moral of the story? Plan ahead! Putting some thought into your celebration this Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic things you could do for your wife!


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