A Woman's Legacy Holiday Necklace: "Thandie"

I am beloved. I have a story. I have a story that must be told. I am beloved. I have a treasure finer than diamonds, finer than gold. Christ is my savior, my Lord and teacher. His love will guide me to take my place. To friends and family, village and nation, I am a gift of love and grace.
— "Beloved" by Ken Medema

It's our joy to introduce you to the newest necklace in the A Woman's Legacy, Love and Legacy jewelry collection: Thandie. “Thandie” is Zulu for "Beloved" and it is our prayer that the wearer of this necklace grows in understanding of how very beloved and treasured they are by God. We are releasing a select few of these necklaces which now are available for Christmas purchase!

This beautiful jewelry will support the on-going women's ministry of A Woman's Legacy to South African caregivers who look after orphaned and double-orphaned children. 

A Woman's Legacy story-telling necklace is making an impact in South Africa and would make a heartfelt gift for a woman in your life this Christmas. Get your necklace HERE.

The mission of the women's events this year in South Africa was to make known to each woman that she is beloved by God, and to know and believe that she can have dreams for her life and attain them through understanding and seeking the power of God and his faithfulness in her life. 

The Thandie necklace was a tangible gift to remind women of what they experienced during the events and to remind them of God's continued faithfulness and love for them. In addition to the necklace, the gift of music bound the hearts of the women together in South Africa. Composer Ken Medema wrote a specially-commissioned song for these beloved Zulu caregivers entitled "Beloved." You can hear the song below.

Together, Barbie and Gary are continuing to go into the world of orphans, widows, the hungry, the poor, and those needing the covering of their hearts through the living word of God. In addition, Barbie writes weekly text messages on each of the 6 Secrets, and they are translated into Zulu language for distribution.

During the A Woman's Legacy events in South Africa, women stood up and shared how they were empowered by Christ through these weekly text messages. One woman learned that their husband had fathered a child outside of their relationship. That very day, she received a text about the power of forgiveness. She was so moved by the text she read it to the entire group. Another woman discovered her son after he committed suicide. She relied on the text messaging to help her forgive, release her hurt and devastation, and find true hope and continued healing in Christ. Another Zulu woman shared that following her mother’s death, she received text messaging that pointed her right back into the Word for the hope and healing she needed.

We are amazed at the impact this ministry is bringing to women worldwide. 

When you donate to support the work of A Woman's Legacy OR when you purchase a Thandie storytelling necklace, you are helping connect these life-changing messages of Christ’s hope and healing to women worldwide who are hungry to hear them. 

Thank you for impacting many South African lives in a world of hurting orphans and windows. Wearing your necklace, your life will be impacted as you stand and make a difference with us!