Tips to the Best Sex Ever

Do you want your wife to become more attracted to you?  Then…

  1. Meet your wife’s emotional needs.  Nothing satisfies a wife more than connecting to her husband.  When you pick up on this tip, it will revolutionize your marriage.  When you go home at night, take the time to focus on her.  This will make her know you’ve saved energy for your marriage, and that makes her feel great.  And it makes her want to meet your needs.  Greet your wife with a warm kiss and then tell her about your day—conversations with staff, phone calls and decisions, and what you’ve been thinking about.  And let her do the same.  No matter what: engage each other, listen to each other, and respond to each other’s feelings and emotions.
  2. Pray together.  Sociologist Andrew Greeley surveyed married people and found that the happiest couples were those who pray together.  Couples who frequently pray together are twice as likely as those who pray less often to describe their marriages as being highly romantic.  They also report considerably higher sexual satisfaction and more sexual ecstasy!  The biggest threats of prayer are: busyness, lack of time, pride, a hard heart, and selfishness.  Put those aside and simply give thanks to God together. Your sex life will blossom!
  3. Make her feel valued as a person.  Men, when you come home, ask her about her day.  Ask her how she’s doing.  Talk to her.  Make her feel secure by listening, showing empathy, praying with her, and reassuring her.  Engage in thoughtful talk time, listen to her problems and work through them, reserve attention for her, and ask her how she’s doing!  When her husband fulfills that need through talk time, it is much easier for her to move quickly into a sexual mode.
  4. Give her meaningful touch.  In one of Ann Lander’s surveys, she found that a surprising number of women could live without sex if they just had affection.  The respondents to the survey indicated that hugs, kisses, holding hands, and back rubs were more important than sex.  We are talking about a tender touch: a gentle squeeze on your mate’s shoulder as she prepares a meal, a soft rub on his back as he reads a book, or a hug after a bad day.  Without a doubt, physical touch is critical to building romance and intimacy in your marriage.

Excerpts from Barb Rosberg, Connecting with Your Wife (Wheaton, Ill.: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc., 2003), 29-34, 43-53.