Our Journey Begins to South Africa...

Your people will rebuild the ancient ruins and will raise up the age-old foundations; you will be called Repairer of Broken Walls, Restorer of Streets with Dwellings. Isaiah 58:1

As Barb and I begin our travel today for our seventh year of ministry in South Africa, we reflect on these words from the prophet, Isaiah. The mantle that God has placed upon us over and over again is to partner with you, our Marriage Champions, in prayer and financial support, to together do what we can on our watch to help rebuild the families of South Africa.

Barb and I are not called to build physical dwellings, we will leave that to far more gifted people who are called to that mission. Instead, we are called to speak love and honor into the women and marriages in South Africa. And it has been our distinct honor to partner with Focus on the Family Africa for these last six years to pursue this mission of helping to repair the broken walls and restore the streets with dwellings.

We have seen God show up early and stay late time and time again in these tours. In the past years we have celebrated God’s provision of:

  • 233 couples have been trained and equipped as Marriage Champions impacting countless more throughout their churches and small groups.
  • 422 necklaces given impacting approximately 5,445 women and children.
  • 600 church kits purchased impacting more than 4,800 people.
  • 16,494 people ministered to throughout the marriage ministry tour events.

As you can see the distinction of this partnership between Focus on the Family Africa, America’s Family Coaches, and YOU are indeed making a difference.

We will be launching our new Date Night event called Kiss and Make Up! God gave us this message on the evening of our 40th wedding anniversary, sitting on a park bench in my favorite place on earth, Door County, Wisconsin where the Rosberg family has visited for five generations. This event promises to engage the couples of South Africa (and USA couples starting in 2016) in fun, connection, and real life takeaways on the four cornerstones of great marriages. We will have five Date Night events on this 2015 tour.

I (Gary) will be conducting three Marriage Champion training events to further multiply the message of the “6 Secrets to a Lasting Love” our 15 year message from the book of Philippians. This will continue the process of multiplication as we not only coach pastors and small group leaders in South Africa but also bring them Church Kit #5 based on our Family 101 DVD series on the “one-anothers” from the New Testament.

I will also have the honor of preaching in a large church on a Sunday morning, in addition to an extended marriage conference for the couples of this church during that same weekend.

Barb will lead her third year of A Woman’s Legacy storytelling necklace events as she teaches 200 first time guests and 125 returning women caregivers on how to use the necklace to not only enrich their own lives but also to teach the orphan and at risk children they serve. Our daughter, Sarah, has hand beaded all 325 necklaces for these women. Barb has designed this years necklace and has named it BeLoved. Christian composer and singer, Ken Medema has also written a song for Barb and the A Woman’s Legacy movement titled I am BeLoved, which will be sung by the women for the first time in our beloved South Africa.

We will travel from October 6 through October 30th so this is an extensive time away. We are trusting God for this year and the tour He has orchestrated for us in the days ahead and we need your prayers and support in the following:

  1. Provision of safety and health for our daughters (Sarah and Missy), son-in-law (Cooper), 8 grandchildren and Barb’s 94 year-old mother.
  2. Traveling mercies, safety, health and stamina for Barb and me as we travel and speak throughout South Africa.
  3. For our AFC team who’s holding down the home-front while we are away.
  4. For financial support of both the necklaces and church kits. We are behind our budget for these two areas of Kingdom work and are seeking the Lord to move in the hearts of people to help us fulfill our goals.
  5. For God to bless this brand new Date Night message of Kiss and Make Up! It is fun and deep. We are excited to premiere the message in our beloved South Africa and then seek the 9 or so communities across the USA that will host Date Nights in 2016 (if you are interested contact us)!
  6. For God to multiply our message through the Marriage Champions we train in South Africa, taking our five Church Kits into small groups and churches across the country.
  7. For Barb to experience all the blessings of loving these Zulu women she ministers to weekly through texts and by gifting them the story-telling necklace. This year Barb will also be giving a special necklace to 125 ‘Ambassador women’ (those returning) with a Cross on the necklace to both honor them and teach them how to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  8. For God to fund both AFC and Focus on the Family Africa as we partner in this life-changing message and work.
  9. And for Barb and me to realize that giving our life to a cause beats living for a career in our lives.

We honor you and are so grateful for you. Please know that when we travel and fulfill God’s calling on our lives we don’t go alone. You go with us and we are grateful and desperate for your prayer covering and gifts. If you’re willing to partner with us in prayer for this adventure please email prayer@afcoaches.com to let us know, ‘YOU’RE IN!’ May the Lord bless you!

Guard your hearts,
Gary and Barb

Here are some responses we have received in the past 24 hours from our Praying Marriage Champions:

  •  "I’m In!!!!!!!!  Praying fervently." - B.S.
  • "We are so happy to have you back in South Africa - thank you, yes I am in to pray!" - D.B.
  • "Covering you in prayer during your time in Africa." - M.W.
  • "Almighty GOD Bless OUR Barb and Gary!! My wife and I attended a date night during Gary and Barb's visit to River Ministries in East London South Africa 2013. Wow!! It's what marriages and families need. THANK YOU!!!!" - D.W.
  • "We are praying for you and trusting the Lord to cover and strengthen both you and your family as you journey to and minister in our beautiful country and to our precious people. May hearts be open, relationships be restored and God's Kingdom come and His will be done here on earth as it is in heaven!! Blessings upon blessing." - P.L.O.
  • "I'm all in. Go forth in in His power and His alone. He has gifted you both for this calling He has put on your lives. It's an honor for me to support you both in prayer even though I'm unable to give financially for necklaces and church kits." - B.M.
  • "I'm in!  Prayers go before you and with you!  Blessings and peace and abundance both here at home and in South Africa!  Go with God!" - L.D.