It definitely impacted me greatly! I sensed so much honor and humility to take the message to them. I felt the presence of God in this. It felt like I was giving birth to life.
— Tracy Duhon

Do you have a mission trip coming up? Are you part of a group with a passion for helping other women and children around the world? Contact us if you’d like to be an ambassador, like Tracy, for the A Woman’s Legacy effort.

My story begins with Barb Rosberg and her vision to teach the women of Africa the 6 secrets of lasting relationships so they could share these truths with their children and continue on for generations to come.

I purchased one of the women's legacy for my own family as I loved the truths and the biblical stories to share with my own children and impart in their hearts.

When Barb was going to Africa to bless the women with A women's legacy necklace and she shared her heart and vision for every necklace that would be purchased would help purchase a women's legacy necklace for a women in Africa, my heart wanted to buy as many as I could.

Then my family and I had the honor of traveling to India on a mission trip to build a home for orphans. There would be several house parents and caretakers, as I prayed God prompted my heart only 2 weeks before we were to leave with an urgency to bring with me a dozen women legacy necklace to share these truths with the women and the 50 children in the home. To God be the Glory! Together we were able to make it happen. It gave me no greater Joy than to give this beautiful gift to each women. The children were being blessed with many gifts we brought from our organization and my heart was so full of Joy to give the women who care for the children each this precious gift for them. And the beautiful thing about this gift unlike any other gift we gave, it will last forever and even to the next generation!

I am honored to have the opportunity to be a small part of Barb's vision to women and children in Africa and now in India. Only God knows what He has planned to come for these and other countries.
To give a Hope and a future to His people.

With a grateful heart,
Tracy Duhon