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Date Night: Cracking the Code in Marriage

Dr. Gary and Barb Rosberg in partnership with Focus on the Family Africa, are ministering for their 9th time to South Africa on October 12-26, 2017.

While in country, Dr. Gary and Barb will be ministering to pastoral and lay-leader couples through Marriage Champion training events and couples through out the communities via Date Night: Cracking the Code in Marriage. Barb will also continue her ministry to women in Durban with her A Woman's Legacy message and Jewlery of the Soul necklace distribution events.

Schedule of Events:
Tuesday, October 11-Sunday, October 15-Travel to South Africa & Rest
Monday, October 16-PM Date Night Event-Cape Town
Tuesday, October 17-AM Marriage Champions Event-Cape Town
Tuesday, October 17-PM Date Night Event-Cape Town
Wednesday, October 18-AM Travel to Durban & Rest
Thursday, October 19-AM A Woman’s Legacy Event-Durban
Thursday, October 19-PM Date Night Event-Durban
Friday, October 20-AM A Woman’s Legacy Event-Durban
Friday, October 20-PM Date Night Event-Durban
Saturday, October 21-Sunday, October 22-Travel and Rest
Monday, October 23-PM Date Night Event-Pretoria
Tuesday, October 24-AM Marriage Champions Event-Pretoria
Tuesday, October 24-PM Date Night Event-Pretoria
Wednesday, October 25-AM Marriage Champions Event-Pretoria
Thursday, October 26-Friday, October 27-Travel home

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